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Use half as much of our product to get a better result than full serving of theirs.

You want to focus on lifting. You want to worry about gains. And blowing your money on sub-par supplementation not only messes with your ability to progress, it messes with your wallet! Strength and bodybuilding athletes are not made out of money; we know this well because we are competitive athletes. So we wanted to find a way to bring better quality per serving. And we did. In fact, we surpassed even our own goals, and created the REKT formula so potent that you literally need to use less to get the same result of other brands at their full strength. REKT's per-serving cost wrecks theirs with higher quality. 

There's no secret to how we have such a potent formula. We just made quality ingredients are absolute must. That means we hunted down a manufacturing lab whose cornerstone is about quality measures; they are a leader in quality assurance and product purity. By taking the extra steps necessary to produce a higher quality product, we can bring you better results, while saving you money.