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Supreme cardiac function and bioenergetic support formula

First off - this product will stack amazingly well with MPA HeartSolve™ as they work to support different functions of the cardiovascular system and work through different mechanisms.

MPA CardioSolve™ is an absolute powerhouse cardiovascular formula designed to ensure your heart muscle is working as efficiently, and healthy as possible while pursuing your plight to the upper echelons of Bodybuilding, health & fitness or whatever high level athletics you are involved in.

Let’s face it, many of you put your body through absolute torture. You all understand your vital heart organ is functioning without rest every day , every hour , every minute and every second for each day of your existence . It’s actually exhausting to think about your heart’s activity in full depth. You add in the lifestyle of an extreme athlete, whether Bodybuilding at a high level, cycling, marathon running, football, etc...and you can imagine how vital your heart’s functioning ability really is. 

Bodybuilders specifically need to concern themselves with how their heart is functioning when they are forcing massive amounts of calories , influencing superfluous high body weights , partaking in ergogenic aid usage that may augment blood pressure , high cholesterol , increase blood viscosity, and hinder endothelial function . You all need to be proactive in protecting your 1 special organ that every other organ depends on to be nourished with oxygen and blood -- YOUR HEART.