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WARNING! - If you’re looking for an overwhelming pre-workout powder filled with

copious amounts of cheap caffeine and other dirty stimulants, then you will need to seek out another product.

I must be honest, I was never a huge fan of stimulant based pre-workout formulas. It never computed in my head to ingest an inconvenient powder, where you have to add water, shake it up in a cup, then possibly have to tolerate a flavor that might not be good etc… when you could easily pop a few caffeine tabs and have the same effects, while saving time and money!

Some of you might be asking the question: “I like the powders for the ‘pump effect’ though.” Once again, it never made sense to have 300 mgs of caffeine plus other stimulants which counteract blood vessel expansion that was supposed to be augmented by the “nitric oxide” components of the formula. It was essentially a “push/pull effect” leading to an overpriced, powdered caffeine product being sold for $50-$60.