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Powerful CNS Stimulant

Intense Training Aid with Geranium*

[*Contains 25mg Geranium Extract per Serving]

Old school favorite meets new school formula – backed by HiTech's legal muscle. Yes, this is real, legitimate, and perfectly legal.

HiTech has acquired USPlabs and therefore the rights to the namesake of the top-selling preworkout formula of all-time.

They've ever so slightly tweaked it, but it includes 25mg per scoop of geranium extract. At this time, it is unclear what – if anything – the geranium is standardized for, but as the now-infamous legal proceedings revealed, DMAA is in fact a constituent of geranium oil/geranium extract. If that wasn't enough, they put about 100mg of DMHA per scoop and paired it with 135mg of caffeine per scoop. Other than that, the classic Jack3d formula remains largely intact.

Be the first to try this newly updated take on old school classic.