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Multifaceted Joint Care Formula

Perfect for anyone that wants to protect and strengthen their joints.

Pain is part of the game and even something you may purposefully seek out: Enduring pain – when training in the gym or when dieting down to subhuman levels of body fat – is part and parcel of competitive bodybuilding. By embracing this pain, it’s easy to become so familiar with it that one seemingly forgets that pain, especially joint pain, in and of itself is not the goal. In fact, joint pain can severely hamper your gains if you can’t train properly.

Granite Supplement’s Joint Care formula is combines two rising stars in the joint care supplement scene (plus Bioperine® to optimize absorption):

  • Undenatured collagen (as 40mg of UCII®) to ensure your body’s immune system is being kind to your joints.
  • Curcumin C3 Complex® (500mg), a blend of three turmeric-derived curcuminoids designed to both prevent formation and quench free radicals.
  • Bioperine® (2.5mg) Curcumin C3 Complex is coupled with Bioperine (2.5mg) to chauffeur the curcuminoids into your bloodstream.