Novaburn 2.0 By Innovapharm
Novaburn 2.0 By Innovapharm
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Novaburn 2.0 By Innovapharm

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Multi-Pathway Fat Metabolizer

Novaburn 2.0 contains multiple patented ingredients, backed up by the most up to date scientific research. Novaburn 2.0 take a pragmatic and multi-pronged approach to healthy, rapid fat loss by promoting healthy blood sugar levels, AMPK stimulation, increasing resting energy expenditure, and attacking "stubborn" body far, all while protecting lean muscle tissue and improving body composition.

Key Ingredients in NovaBurn 2.0:


Sinetrol® is a natural combination of citrus polyphenols proven to provide the benefits of adipose beiging to increase energy expenditure, and thus amplifying lipolysis and reducing excess fat mass. Sinetrol® improves long-term body composition. Supported with published clinical trials on diverse subjects. Studied dose: 630 mg/day (there is 900mg of Sinetrol® in NovaBurn 2.0).

Sinetrol® - Key features:

  • Proven mechanism of action: lipolysis enhancer providing adipose beiging benefits
  • Increase in resting energy expenditure via expression of uncoupling proteins (UCPs)
  • Rebalanced body composition: significant reduction of body fat mass without lean mass loss
  • Significant results on body weight, waist and hip lines
  • Long-lasting benefits: subjects continue to benefit from adipose beiging even after cessation of use


InnoSlim® supports metabolic wellness by helping the body use fat for energy when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. It achieves this by activating a specific pathways (called the adiponectin and AMPK signaling pathways).

These pathways help determine the utilization of energy sources in the body, including signaling when to use fat for energy instead of relying on consumed sugars, and are an important part of broader metabolic health and energy balance in the body.

In this way, InnoSlim® works to activate pathways in your muscles that helps break down fats and take in sugar for energy. This has been observed in both preclinical and human studies conducted by NuLiv Science.1, 2, 3 The results suggest that InnoSlim® may support overall metabolic wellness and maintaining a healthy weight, as shown by specific markers in human trials.4, 5