Tetra - PNC Maine
Tetra - PNC Maine
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Tetra by Myoblox. Available now, online and in-store at PNC!

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Super Thermogenic Fat-Loss Formula

Rapidly Metabolizes Excess Fat via Multiple Pathways

Experience Immediate, Euphoric Energy Increase

Tetra™ launches an ultra-premium fat-loss torpedo into the very center of your metabolism, detonating across multiple fat-loss pathways. Despite the profound increase in metabolism, you'll feel great on it. Make Tetra™ your next fat-loss hack and experience its euphoric fire firsthand.

Advantra Z® stimulates lipolysis, which floods the bloodstream with free fatty acids, while Paradoxine® increases whole-body energy expenditure, which vacuums up those fatty acids. Not only will your burn more calories, but more of those calories will come from fat. Higenamine only fans the flames, further increasing fat metabolism.

Next, enter sulbutiamine, a fascinating form of vitamin B1 (thiamine) that bridges the gap between fat-loss and energy. Not only does sulbutiamine more readily cross the blood brain barrier than its garden-variety cousin, thiamine, but it also more profoundly increases carbohydrate metabolism. Acting centrally (i.e., in the brain) causes sulbutiamine to increase focus and memory. And here's where it gets nuts: sulbutiamine also lowers fatigue. Pair it with eria jarensis and now it's a party. Eria Jarensis increases mood and imbues you with a euphoric sense of well-being. And, finally, the icing on the cake: Nivadren™. Nivadren™ (a natural source of galantamine) simultaneously inhibits the breakdown of the brain's primary neurotransmitter, acetylcholine (good) while sensitizing the body to the effects of the acetylcholine itself (doubly good). This is the highly sought after 1-2 punch of synergy, of magnifying effects. Check, check, and check.

Caffeine—and not just any caffeine, but RealCaf™ organic caffeine—puts the wheels of the whole formula in machine, gets the metabolic gears turning. Finish with some Piperine to make sure Tetra's well-aimed punch lands; piperine is a pepper alkaloid that increases absorption of almost everything its taken with.

Metabolism. Focus. Lipolysis. Energy. Welcome to Tetra™. Welcome to results.