Voodoo White Widow By Black Magic Supply
Voodoo White Widow By Black Magic Supply
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Voodoo White Widow By Black Magic Supply

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Unleash Psychoactive WAVES

Supernatural Pre-workout 2023 Edition


Embrace the voodoo if you dare with our limited edition White Widow Guava all-performance pre-workout.

With a monstrous 10 grams of Citrulline for enhanced pump and a heavy dose of GlycerSize to amplify your performance, this pre-workout will leave you spellbound and energized for your workout the second you step into the gym.

BZRK Voodoo features a transparent label that fully discloses the dose of each active ingredient. This means you know exactly what you’re getting in each and every serving.*

Catuaba vs. Fatigue

Clinical research suggests that Catuaba could give you an "extra gear" to persevere in your endeavors in the gym, during cardio, or even cognitively to push through mental malaise.

The most recent Brazilian animal study identifies it as a potent anti-fatigue agent...

Catuaba has a rich history of folk medicine for the treatment of fatigue, stress, impotence and memory deficit... These data suggest the ethanolic extract as the most suitable for plant extraction and partially support the folk use of catuaba as an antifatigue intervention which exhibits antioxidant and anticholinesterase activity in vitro and reduces the fatigue induced by exhaustive exercise.

It posses a potent adaptogenic effect (anti-stress, memory enhancement, increased physical and/or sexual performance) according to a review paper that started with 766 different Brazilian plants and narrowed all the way down to evaluating four that had the most notable adaptogenic effects.

Catuaba as Nootropic

The Nootropic awesomeness of Catuaba is thanks to its effects of both releasing extra dopamine and inhibiting dopamine reuptake.

  • It improves the dopamine sensitivity of the D1 receptor.
  • It's more Dopaminergic than Serotonergic, but it has a similar effect on Serotonin. From a paper detailing the evidence of its antidepressant effects, Catuaba inhibited the uptake and increased the release of serotonin...
  • It has a similar effect on acetylcholine, increasing release and inhibiting reuptake, according to a 2018 paper.


As a dietary supplement, take one (1) scoop with 12-16 fl oz of water, 30 minutes before training. New users may wish to assess tolerance with ½ scoop.*